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define the opportunity . evaluate audience . develop key messages . choose vehicles . articulate desired outcomes . measure effectiveness


What should I say?

This website, "," is a writers resource. Like painting a room, the answer to the question 'What should I say?' resides in proper preparation. In writing, only once the preparation work is done (like filling the holes and sanding the rough spots) can we connect, motivate and ensure our messaging will resonate with your audience. The finished product is always worth the extra effort that goes into preparing well.

Patricia Burton

Patricia Burton
Whether you are developing a presentation, content for a website, or a speech to deliver at a function, the premise and concepts are the same. It starts with working to articulate what you have to offer. Then, we develop the golden nuggets that will resonate with your audience."

With a writing background honed in a news media environment of 20+ years, I built on an earlier background as a copywriter with several Toronto-area ad agencies. My career has taken me in a variety of directions -- all of which have helped me to grow as a writer. To add to my repertoire, in June 2013, I completed a boot-camp-style program with Wes Bos's highly-acclaimed HackerYou web development course. I made this website as a result. Now, I am proud to say, I'm a writer and a budding web developer. Sweet!

A few things I do:

  • Employee/member communications
  • Newsletters
  • Executive speeches
  • Webcopy
  • Presentations
  • Commemorative books
The communications process

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The interview

This is where we work to understand who you are, what you have to offer and how you can inspire others or motivate people to your desired outcome.


Who are they? What is their perspective? Why are the here? What do you want them to say or do as a result of your communication?


What are the key dates and related events? That is, what is happening around you and how do these events relate to your needs or opportunities?

Key messages

This is where is starts to come together. We decide upon the those points that best fit our discoveries through the interview, audience evaluations and how they link with significant milestones.


This is all about the best way to bring your message to the audience. Whether that's a multimedia presentation or the design and interaction of your website, we'll land on those choices here.


Must-have books for writers

You can greatly improve your writing through the use of consistent style. It's also important to be versed in how to avoid common errors. Here are a few titles that should be in every writer's library, followed with some helpful websites.


Say hello

Whether you have a communication need to be fully developed, or a quick question for a no-charge opinion or assesment, send me an email, specifying the following: